An Assassin, Fall of Berlin Wall, and a Run For Revenge: ‘Kleo’ Is Finally Streaming on Netflix

An Assassin, Fall of Berlin Wall, and a Run For Revenge: ‘Kleo’ Is Finally Streaming on Netflix

Netflix has been recently welcoming several international shows varying from beloved Korean shows to European movies, undoubtedly because these shows have gripping storylines and emblematic actors that leave viewers wonderstruck. Today, the streamer has dropped another intriguing German thriller showcasing a vengeful spy, Kleo. The trailer of Kleo gave viewers a glimpse of the violent protagonist, wrongly convicted and jailed for treason charges, which leads her to take revenge on everyone involved in this treachery. Here’s what we know about this menacingly painted female assassin of Berlin.

The lethal assassin, Kleo arrived on Netflix looking for answers

The official Twitter page of Netflix posted a clip of the Kleo series that premiered on the platform on August 19.  The post stated:

“Kleo was East Germany’s best assassin — then, without warning, she was thrown in jail. But when the Berlin Wall fell, she was set free.”

The streamer described the show as a tale of revenge as the video shows people feeling threatened by her freedom: “She makes poison out of puffer fish. She’s completely nuts”. Why? Well, this spy seems to have deadly skills and can send people to death in seconds.

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Starring Jella Haase as the titular character, this series is directed by Hanno Hackfort, Bob Konrad, and Richard Kropf. Kleo Straub has suffered the loss of the love of her life and an unborn baby in Jail. So she disguises herself and travels from places to find the people who betrayed her. Other cast members include Julius Feldmeier, Dimitrij Schaad, Vladimir Burlakov, Rodrigo Rojo, Jurgen Heinrich, Martin Stange, and Robin Czerny.

The trailer opens with: “This is a true story. None of this ever happened.” This makes things a bit unclear. But one thing is clear after watching the video: there are several twists and turns in the story as a red suitcase takes her to the depths of Berlin. When she swiftly passes from people’s sight as the best assassin, tracing who is impossible. We are hooked, and we bet so are you.

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Kleo is currently streaming on Netflix. Check the show out if you are a fan of the murder and mayhem of spy thrillers. And don’t forget to tell us how you liked the deceitful woman finding justice through her murderous ways.

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